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Just Desserts

Maxine X has just fired Chanta Rose. So, Scott Rhodes goes to pick up Chanta's last check from Maxine. But, Maxine tries to seduce him instead of giving him her check. Maxine is the one who is surprised, however, as Scott ties her to a chair. He then proceeds to cover her beautiful big tits with oil and then sprays two cans of whipped cream down her top. He calls Chanta to come help him and the two of them tie, whip, gag spank and fuck the nasty ex boss. They make a banana split out of her as they stuff her pussy full with vanilla ice cream, ice cubes and bananas! They then fuck her with the electric fucksaw machine as her legs are tied up to her ears and her arms overhead! She is fitted with a ring gag and left to struggle helplessly in her bondage. Tall, athletic, London, pays a visit to Scott Rhodes. She is tied to the cross, gagged, nipples stretched to the ceiling as she is vibrated to a hot orgasm. She is forced to cum again as she is hung upside down, spanked and vibed with mouse traps attached to her perfect nipples. Watch as these hot bondage sluts get their "Just Desserts" as they are bound, punished, fucked and forced to cum hard!

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Male Domination
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