Abbraxa Extreme Fetish
Female Domination
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Foot Fucked

Duration: Approx 61 minutes

Things start off with Abbraxa licking Trixy's brown starfish. Abbraxa finishes by eating Trixy's pussy out. Caprice uses her foot to fuck Abbraxa's pussy. She plays with herself as she slowly foot-fucks Abbraxa. Abbraxa turns over and Caprice continues to foot-fuck Abbraxa while teasing her asshole. Finally Abbraxa returns the favor and both girls foot-fuck each other. Trixy uses a giant black dildo to fuck Abbraxa. Abbraxa uses a dildo to penetrate Trixy's tight pussy. Then it's Abbraxa's turn again as Trixy uses the black dildo to fuck Abbraxa. Next we have Frankie fisting Abbraxa's ass and pussy at the same time. Abbraxa gapes as Frankie looks on. Abbraxa enjoys some fisting action from Trixy. Abbraxa then fists Trixy and licks her asshole at the same time. Mr Dee fists Abbraxa, making her ass gape. Abbraxa sucks Mr Dee's dick and gets some anal action. Abbraxa receives a nice facial from Mr Dee. Finally we have Abbraxa and Frankie using a double-headed dildo to fuck each other silly.

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Male Domination
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